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Head of School’s Comment

Recently, one afternoon after the children had been dismissed,  I walked around the grounds, as I often do, to see what the remaining children were up to. The school was a hive of activity. The JC Choir was singing beautifully, the Yoga children having a wonderful time maintaining amazing poses, the Mandarin class was studiously learning it’s Mandarin and the after School Care children were usefully occupied.  It was such a delight to walk around and see such happy occupied children. 

Next week the 3rd and 4th Class children will be going to Milson Island, and the 5th 6th children to Bathurst.  These are both wonderful camps for the children.

The Milson Island Camp is often the first time some of the 3rd class children have been away from their parents, but they are usually so enthusiastic that they don t seem bothered by this.  There are great activities at Milson Island such as archery, bush walking, challenge ropes, giant swing, raft building etc.  The activities themselves inspire the children to be courageous and resilient and  teach them to work in  groups.  Apart from all the interesting activities the children have to make their beds and tidy their rooms before breakfast, and they take turns at serving the food and washing up.  It allows for the children to get to know each other better and  builds camaraderie and independence in a safe environment.

While the 3rd and 4th class children are at Milson Island the 5th and 6th Class will be at Bathurst.   Again, this is a great experience for the older children.  They learn of what life was like on the Goldfiels, the way the miners had to build their own wattle and daub huts, how they had to provide for their own food, the work of the blacksmith and so on.  Among other things they look at the mines and pan for gold.  It’s great fun and the children are outdoors for most of the day enjoying themselves. 

Mary McKendrick