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Head of school’s Comment

It has been wonderful to see our students return this week. They have been full of stories of adventures from the holidays and eagerly reuniting with their friends.
I had the opportunity during the break to attend a Heads of School conference which was held for schools with a similar foundation, education and ethos to John Colet School. Schools from Australia, Ireland, England, Trinidad, South Africa and New Zealand were in attendance. While the schools varied widely in structure, there was a common thread throughout, that reaffirmed the uniqueness of our program and the education we provide our children. It was also an ideal occasion to share best practice and ways in which our schools could be further improved.
We will begin this Term focussing on our core Value of Courage. Initially, we are linking this study with the Value of Truthfulness, which we explored last Term. As always, we look to ensure the practical application of our Values throughout the school community.

Julian Wilcock