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Head of school’s Comment

The school community celebrated Teacher’s Day this week. Each child prepared a piece of writing on someone who has or continues to have a significant influence on their life. One child was selected to represent each year to speak at assembly, and it was wonderful to hear such a wide range of examples.
Mrs Renshaw and I also had the opportunity to visit Lower 1st later in the day and read each of the children’s pieces. We were both blown away by the level of writing that has been developed in such a short time. However, the most striking element was the heartfelt examples of friends, teachers and family that were given as significant teachers in their lives.
Teachers can be in your class, part of your family, a friend or someone in the wider community that inspires you. The teacher is always whoever or whatever is in front of you at any given time. Our students are also learning to be their own teacher, pausing, considering what would a wise person do, brings them closer to independently choosing the right path.
Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself Chinese proverb

Julian Wilcock

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