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Head of school’s Comment

Do I meet challenges with resilience? That is the question we are asking our children to explore over the next few weeks. Your ability to succeed when faced with a difficult challenge lies in your mental attitude. Creating these challenges in a safe and supportive environment is what school and learning are all about. This can be as simple as a new maths problem or as daunting as stepping onto the stage at Glen Street Theatre for the first time. Resilience isn t about not experiencing difficult emotions or sweeping things under the carpet, it’s about choosing to harness your inner strengths to help you cope when times are tough.
In just a few weeks our 3rd and 4th Class students will participate in camp on Milson Island.  This camp runs over three days and is a wonderful opportunity for the children to step out of the school environment and operate with greater independence in a new environment, with fresh challenges. This is especially true for our 3rd Class students, many of whom will be away from their parents for the first time. It is natural to be nervous without the comfort of knowing your family is nearby, yet personally affirming when they can persevere, trust in themselves and show greater self-sufficiency. Meeting this new experience with a positive attitude is a wonderful way of building courage. This year I will be joining the Milson Island Camp and I am looking forward to being a part of this great learning opportunity.

Julian Wilcock