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Head of School’s Comment

The five School Values have been condensed into the one word list of – Stillness, Truthfulness, Courage, Service and Respect. The children have all learnt these by heart now, and next term we will start learning the longer versions.

The wise tell us that one of the important aspects of education is to get the good in first and following this is the need to constantly practise the values and show them in our actions.

The full version of Respect is to

Work together with love, honour and respect for one another.

This has five associated questions

1.                  Does this action unify?
2.                  Is it safe for myself and others?
3.                  Is it considerate of the happiness and comfort of others?
4.                  Is it honourable, respectful and dignified?
5.                  Does this action reflect well on my nation, school, family and myself?

Respect is the value that we have been working with this term and both teachers and students have been asked to practise various aspect of Respect.

Mary McKendrick