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Head of school’s Comment

This week we welcomed our 2020 Lower 1st students for their introductory morning. There were a few nerves upon separation (by both children and parents!). However, overall they settled in very quickly to meeting their teachers and getting to know their new school. Our current 5th Class had the opportunity of meeting their young buddies who they will be supporting next year. It was heartening to see the care and attention with which they approached their new responsibility.
Our Buddy Program is a wonderful way in which to support our younger students. It helps in forming connections between our junior and senior students, as well as enabling our 6th Class the opportunity to give back in the same way they benefitted from so many years ago. It will not be long now until our 6th Class move into Secondary School and perhaps get buddies again to support their transition. It may feel a bit strange for them to once again hear; Look, they re so cute!

Julian Wilcock