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Head of School’s Comment

It was such a delight on Wednesday morning to greet the children and parents as they returned to school for the new term.  The children had cheery smiling faces, and it was so lovely to see them again after the holidays.
Over the holidays the children had been given the homework of honouring their father and mother. This was generally interpreted by them as respect for their parents.  They gave many examples of when they had remembered to stand back for parents, and letting adults go first (which we had practiced as a school during the term). They also gave examples of being patient and considerate towards others. 
When we practice something it becomes part of our nature, or our being, and the wise tell us, in relation to the children, to get the good in first.  Respect for others and self-respect go hand in hand, if the children develop respect for others they will naturally develop self- respect, it can t be otherwise.
Mathematics Competition Awards were given out at Assembly and so also were Music Awards. I spoke to the children about using their talents, and the way in which different people have different talents, and that they need to use the talents they have been given; it helps everyone.  I m always so delighted and impressed at the wide variety of talent in the school, and I have no doubt that the children use their talents to the best of their ability.  We, as a staff, are truly blessed by the children we have in the school, and the wonderful parent body that continually supports and nourishes our school community.

Mary McKendrick