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Head of School’s Comment

Every morning the staff  pause together at 8.00am in the Staff Room, and offer our service to the children, parents and each other, for the benefit of all.
Together we have been learning a new Sanskrit prayer, in both Sanskrit and English, from the Mandukya Upanishad.  I thought I would share the English version with you.
Lords! Inspiration of sacrifice!
May our ears hear the good.
May our eyes see the good.
May we serve Him with the whole
Strength of our body.
May we, all our lives, carry out His will.
Peace, peace and peace be everywhere.
The children are full of light, and for the most part it’s very easy to see the good in them, particularly in the little ones.  It becomes a little more difficult as they get older and develop attitude,  but it’s very obvious that the attitude is only on the surface and they are full of goodness underneath.  If we look to the goodness we will undoubtedly find it, and if we look to the other we will find that as well that’s why, as a staff, we are practicing looking to the good.

Mary McKendrick

PS In relation to our practice of seeing the good in the children and each other, teacher Mrs Crewe sent me a link to an article in the Harvard Business Review.  It’s worth a read.