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Head of School’s comment

During the week one of the children, accompanied by a friend, came to ask if he could wear his great grandfather’s war medals to our ANZAC Ceremony.  I was delighted and very touched by his obvious respect and admiration for his family and his forebears.
Also during the week the grandfather of two of our children came to speak to the children from 2nd to 6th class, on the events of the First World War.  He was very impressed with the children, the questions they asked, and the knowledge and interest they had in these events.
It’s very important that the children gain an appreciation of the courage, sacrifice, bravery and fortitude of those who went to war in the service of their country so that we may enjoy the freedom that we do today. 
Even though these events seem far away in time the children naturally connect with these qualities because they have them within themselves and aspire to them.
When the children see courage they want to be courageous, when they see bravery they want to be brave, when they see service they want to serve.  It’s very inspiring and humbling to see this in the children.

Mary McKendrick