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Head of School’s Comment

As we are half way through the term and Speech Night is fast approaching we are now considering the election of Office Bearers for 2016.

Undoubtedly many of the children in the school will become leaders in their own fields, and when I look at the children I always feel that the future of the country is in very good hands.  There is an abundance of children in the school who show leadership qualities and those qualities are nurtured and strengthened as the children move through the school.

Earlier this term I had a discussion with the 5th Class children as to what constitutes a good leader.  They had all the suggestions that one would hope they would, and they expressed them in their own way.

High on the list were the school values and not so surprisingly the children thought that they needed to be responsible for their own actions- that they should own up if they had done something wrong and if they made a mistake they needed to learn from it and move on.

They thought it was important to be open and to listen to their class-mates and other students, and also to be honest respectful and trustworthy.  In the words of one child, if they were a leader they shouldn t think they were just great and better than everyone else. They also needed to look the part by wearing the uniform proudly.

Because many of the children have leadership potential all 6th class children will be given the opportunity of attending the Young Leaders Day. There will also be rotating positions of responsibility for them.

However, there will be some children who will be disappointed. We all have to learn to cope with disappointment in our life, and if the children are encouraged to accept disappointment graciously it gives them inner strength.

Leadership Positions
There will be eight leadership positions this year, Head Boy, Head Girl four House Captains, Art Prefect and Head Chorister.  There will also be assistants for these positions on a rotational basis.

Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains
There will be nominations for the Head Boy, Head Girl and the House Captain positions.  Children can nominate each other or themselves.  The nomination must then accepted by the child nominated. A child can nominate for both Head Boy/Girl and House Captain.

If a child accepts a nomination to a position he/she has to give a short speech on Leadership to the combined 4th, 5th and 6th classes. He/she must also agree to carry out the responsibilities of the position, and make the school pledge on Speech Night.

4th, 5th and 6th class children will vote only for those children who have accepted a nomination to the position/s. Although the children’s vote is respected and taken into account, the final decision rests with the Head of School.

Head Chorister
As the Head Chorister needs to have the ability and confidence to sing solo, this is an auditioned position. The children may put themselves forward for the position and Mrs Miles and Mrs. Rankin will be responsible for auditions. After auditions, the Head of School, in consultation with the Music teachers and the class teachers chooses a child to whom the position is offered. If the child accepts the offer he/she needs to agree to carry out the duties of Head Chorister and make the school pledge at Speech Night.

Art Prefect
The Art Prefect helps with Art throughout the school and, during the process of the year must complete a major work of Art, which will then be donated to the school at the end of the 2016 school year. The Art Prefect will be chosen by the Head of School in consultation with the Art teachers and class teachers.

The Pledge
We do solemnly pledge that we will, to the best of our ability, uphold the School Values and carry out the special duties and responsibilities set out for us in our roles as school leaders.

We acknowledge the trust you have placed in us and we will return this with truthful, courageous and respectful service to all.

Mary McKendrick