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Head of School’s Comment


The evidence of unity at the beginning, the end, and during the Sports Carnival was palpable.  It’s quite an amazing thing when you ask nearly two hundred children to pause, and within about half a minute there is silence, inner peace and deep stillness.  This is the School Values in action.

It’s quite extraordinary the way in which the carnival began in stillness and returned to stillness and all the magnificent activity rolled out between these two points.  It many ways it’s like a symphony, a dance, or indeed the children singing.  They start in stillness, and then this magnificent performance rolls out, and then it all comes together to conclude in stillness once again.

I never tire of saying how inspiring I continually find the children and the Sports Carnival was yet another of those occasions.  I saw children continually and unfailingly give of their best.  I saw children work with disappointment in an effort to find the inner strength to get over it, move on, and display good sportsmanship.  I saw children struggle with situations that they felt were unfair, and make every effort to move on, as the universe, and everyone else, had moved on.  

We are tempted to think that it’s just a Sports Carnival.  But it’s not just a Sports Carnival.  It is such an important part of the children’s education.  They learn to work and do their best for something larger than themselves.  They work for their House, and they work in unity with their friends.  They learn to accept defeat with good grace and are happy for the winners.  This is not learnt begrudgingly, they are genuinely pleased for their friends.  They congratulate winners, and commend others on their excellent efforts.  It’s a delight to watch and great fun.

The wise tell us that we find happiness in the happiness of others this was certainly evident at the Sports Carnival.

Mary McKendrick