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Head of School’s Comment

The school is all a buzz at the moment as we approach the end of the year and the various festivities that this entails.  There are choir rehearsals for Speech Night, preparation for the Nativity Play, class parties thanking various helpers, swimming, excursions and a myriad of other activities.  At the 4th Class party, apart from a delicious afternoon tea, guests could have their nails painted or a neck and shoulder massage. Such luxury!!

Last Saturday night the Lunch Room was totally unrecognisable, it had been beautifully decorated by some of the 6th Class parents and students, for the 6th Class Graduation Dinner.  It’s a dinner in which the children are given the opportunity to express gratitude to their parents for their primary education.  Although it doesn t always appear so, the children are full of gratitude and we need to give them an opportunity to express it.  The speeches were very touching, they ranged from the funny and witty to the deeply sincere.  Some of the speeches moved both parents and teachers alike, to tears.

The entertainment by the children was first class, we had some very witty and clever skits, and it’s evident that the children are extremely perceptive, though they may say little.  We were also entertained by violin, guitar and piano playing and singing.  It was a lovely night.  This night, along with the 6th class student magazine, (which I understand is currently at the printer and which has also been nurtured into life by a talented group of volunteer parents), are two tangible ways students encapsulate their memories of their time at John Colet.

Mary McKendrick