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Head of School’s Comment

A warm thank you to both the parents and students of John Colet School for making this week such a success. The first week of school can be daunting for children whether they are returning to a familiar class, meeting a new teacher or starting school for the first time. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm grow and the nervousness decline over the past few days.
Our returning children are becoming familiar again with the school routines, expectations and traditions while our new students are experiencing many of these elements for the first time. Together as a school in these first few weeks we are focusing on the core value of respect. Respect for ourselves, our peers, parents and teachers is central to forming productive and supportive relationships that are required in any community, especially within a school. As with all areas that we approach in school, it would be of great benefit to discuss the meaning and application of this important value at home.
A close combined approach between school and home can only lead to success.


Julian Wilcock