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Head of School’s Comment

It is truly amazing how quickly our students have moved back into their routines and how quickly they have returned to well-focused attention both within the class and in other areas of the school. Most surprising though is how this has also been evident with our Lower First and new students. The care and community atmosphere of support from both teachers and students is truly inspiring and creates a wonderful learning atmosphere.
As we continue with our exploration of Respect and familiarise our students with our behavioural expectations within school, I would like to highlight the importance of modelling this ourselves. This is particularly relevant with regards to our road rules and procedures for dropping off and picking up students, which have been attached to this newsletter. These rules are fundamental in ensuring the safety of our children and our staff are often at these areas assisting and reminding parents. It is essential that they are treated with respect as an example to our students and also because they are acting under instruction from the school.

Many of our before and after school clubs have begun. I would like to draw your attention to our school website and the Clubs tab whereby you can access all information regarding timing, costs and how to make contact.

Julian Wilcock