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Head of School’s Comment

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On Wednesday our Primary children had their swimming gala at Killarney Swim Centre. It was wonderful to see so many parents who were able to come and support their children and our school. A special thank you to those parents who were able to help on the day, without your support this event would not be such a success.
I have been to many swimming galas and I was very impressed with the organisation and planning by our staff and that of the swim centre in ensuring such a well-paced, fun event. However, what impressed me even more was the behaviour, comradery and passion of our students. Not only did they cheer their own house, there were many examples where they supported children of other teams, congratulated swimmers they were swimming against and also cheered on those swimmers who may have come in last. The atmosphere created was one of competition, yet also one of trust and support, where children felt encouraged to have a go and try their best. It is a wonderful element with our school and a characteristic that our students will take with them beyond John Colet and into the wider world.
If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Anonymous