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Head of School’s Comment

On Stillness

Both teachers and children have been asked to practise Stillness this week.  This is the first of our values and is extremely important.  When we are  physically still there is a much better chance of our mind being still. The children become still very easily and it makes them more aware of themselves and others, and also makes for harmonious relationships.

Moments of stillness are very much a part of the discipline of the school.  It encourages the children to be self-disciplined, and in this they gain strength.  It is a skill which will come to their aid throughout life, particularly in times of stress and difficulty.

The other area we are practising is resilience, and both the teachers and children are being asked to meet difficulties and disappointments with good grace.  There are often situations that we cannot change and the important thing is how we meet these situations. 

The children are very forgiving, and they readily find the courage to move on fairly quickly.  I find the actions of the children most admirable.