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Head of School’s Comment

Our Easter break begins this weekend. While this celebration has a variety of roots including the Christian remembrance of the resurrection or the pagan celebration of the start of Spring, the central meaning is shared by many religions as well as in the lives of non-denominational people around the world.
Easter is about renewal. This could be renewal of that gym membership after too many chocolate eggs, however on a deeper level it may be the renewing of friendships, relationships or a time for personal reflection. This is a practice that our students are involved in on a daily basis. They are continually clarifying their understanding, forming relationships and developing their character as they are exposed to new concepts and situations at school. Change is a constant when you are growing up, however as adults time often seems to fly by and it is difficult to stop, pause and contemplate.
Independent of your beliefs the next four days are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with family and friends and ponder what it means to lead a meaningful life and perhaps put down a few course corrections to help you get there.

Julian Wilcock

john colet school headmaster with students at easter lunch