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Head of School’s Comment

It has been wonderful to have the children back at school this week. They have returned with many tales of adventures, friendships and new knowledge from experiences both at home and abroad.

We have begun in earnest our exploration of the value of Truth, which we will continue throughout Term 2. The definition of the word is relatively easy to comprehend yet it becomes more complex when we apply it to our everyday lives, with such questions as how do we know, who decides, how do we find out, is it true for ever, is it true for everyone, does truth change over time or why is truth important at all? We had some very stimulating debates in Years 6 this week when we started exploring some suggested facts . It can be a rich and enlightening conversation starter that you may want to trial around the family dinner table.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time. But it ain t goin away –  Elvis Presley