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Head of School’s Comment

As you travel through Sydney you may notice that there are a great many schools holding their Open Day soon. It is that time of year when prospective parents begin looking for a school for the upcoming year or perhaps explore changing schools to meet the needs of their child. While all schools will conduct tours throughout the year the Open Day is seen as an opportunity to show a school’s uniqueness, in the traditional sense of putting your best goods out to market .

Our Open Day next Sunday 29th May, is an opportunity to market the school, yet is no less an opportunity to celebrate what makes this school truly special with our families and friends. What is really gratifying is the number of new parents I have met who have come to us through recommendations by our existing families.
This will be my first Open Day at John Colet School and I am very much looking forward to watching performances, visiting classrooms and meeting children, parents and their families. I also understand that I will be judging the legendary school Cake Baking and Decorating Competition, which hopefully won t lose me too many friends!


Julian Wilcock