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Head of School’s Comment

When exploring the value of Truthfulness with children it is useful to look at examples from their daily lives. For adults this can be regarded in our approach to factual stories through television, radio, newspapers, magazines or blogs. With our children it often starts in the playground with gossip, tales and rumour. Everyone likes sharing stories and news with their friends, however it can become personal and also evolve through miss-communication to snowball out of proportion. It is a difficult lesson for students to learn to pause and think: is this true, is it kind or is it beneficial, and make an active decision to question the facts and decide whether to pass it on. 

Children are becoming involved with social media at an increasingly young age, where their comments and likes are permanent and can cause enduring damage to themselves and others. Taking a proactive approach to understanding the important value of Truth and its related application is an important lifelong skill being developed at John Colet School and will place our students in a stronger position for challenges they may face in the future.

Julian Wilcock