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Head of School’s Comment

A teacher came rushing into our office this week, excited to show us some fabulous work created by a student who has only been learning English for just over a year. You could feel the excitement and pride she had in the accomplishment of this student. It is wonderful to witness such passion and pleasure in our teachers for the development of our students and it’s a big part of what makes this school so special. It was a lovely piece of work and also a great story , which I hope to share with all our students at assembly. When we share such positive information it is contagious and has a positive ripple effect through all that learn of it.

The storm was like a beast running on the beach.     Xin Y 4D

As we continue to discuss with the students, gossip and hearsay can be harmful and has a similar ripple effect and spreads very quickly, yet in a negative way. Often it does not come from the source and doesn’t enable a right of reply from those concerned. It has a short shelf life of popularity and can have a long lasting effect, ultimately disempowering to all. As one of our students said this week I don t like people making up things about me, I like to write my own story .

Julian Wilcock