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Head of School’s Comment

Shakespeare took centre stage this week! The performances have been truly remarkable, particularly considering the age of our Lower First, that many of our students are learning English as a second language and also that some of our children are quite reserved. These students would have been hard to pick though, as all performers showed such confidence and passion.

We have been reaching out to the John Colet Alumni of late and we were fortunate to have a visiting parent of students who studied at John Colet over 20 years ago visit yesterday to watch. She remarked that her children still talk of the Shakespeare performances as a defining part of their education in their formative years. Whether it is the rich language, deep concepts, historical perspective or philosophical insights into the human condition Shakespeare has so much to offer. It is also great fun!

We hope you have a fun and safe holiday with your family and we look forward to welcoming you back in Term 3.

Julian Wilcock