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Head of School’s Comment

The school community celebrated Teacher’s Day this week. Each child prepared a piece of writing on someone who has or continues to have a significant influence on their life. One was chosen from each class to speak at assembly and it was wonderful to hear such a wide range of examples, which were often quite moving. Teachers can be in your class, part of your family, a friend or someone in the wider community that inspires. To find great teachers in life you first have to be open to learning and aware of yourself and your environment. This awareness and openness is a central tenant of our approach at JCS and encourages the children to become life-long learners beyond the school gates.
This was exemplified in a very apt topic for the debate finals, which were held at the German International School this week. The subject was what is the best education? and in a novel three school final the teams argued for on-line education, life experience and school based learning. Each team made valid points and our debaters came through in first place. What was really striking was how our students were able to really listen to the other points of view and respond. They also independently took a moment to pause before getting started!
Thank you to Mrs. K for her flower arranging at Teacher’s Day, the many parents who helped ferry and support our students at the debate and thanks also to Mrs. H and her son Callum who attended our information evening this week. We are fortunate to have so many supportive parents/ teachers in our community.  

 Julian Wilcock