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Head of School’s Comment

This week John Colet held the annual Sanskrit recitation competition and finals. Sanskrit instruction from Lower First to Year 6 is one of the unique features of our school that has been an integral part of the program we offer for over thirty years. Our students benefit from learning this ancient, classical language that like Latin has influenced languages, literature and culture through history. The simple, clear grammar used in Sanskrit helps in the development of learning other languages, including English.

Sanskrit opens our children to a greater understanding of language, its history and the interconnectedness of our society. For example the Sanskrit root da give, Sanskrit word dana gift, Latin word donum gift, French word donner to give, English words donate, dose, dedicate, etc.

As was shown during the finals, this language also lends itself to a beauty of sound and structure that when combined with some of the universal themes of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health produce work of the highest standard. If you missed the recitations this week I highly recommend saving the date for next year.

Julian Wilcock