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Head of School’s Comment

The atmosphere in the school in the past couple of weeks has been very congenial and happy.  I suspect it has something to do with the continued practice of Stillness, and our true nature coming to the fore.  When mental activity starts to settle and our ego isn t ruling the roost, so to speak, we simply become content and happy, and this happiness is transformative for everyone.

On another note the 3rd and 5th class students have been sitting the NAPLAN exams this week.  The children have taken the tests seriously and have been very happy with their efforts.  As I have walked passed the class rooms the children have been focused in giving their attention, and no doubt,  giving their best.  We can t ask more of them than that.

All of us, teachers, office staff and children endeavour to give simple focused attention in everything we do.  The key is to let the attention rest and stay with what we are doing, and not to be distracted from the task in hand. With this skill at their disposal the children do not find it too difficult to keep their attention on the tests.

As teachers we firmly believe that if you give attention, and put in the effort; and in the case of teaching and learning Basic Skills, the effort is over years, not days; then the results will take care of themselves.

Whilst NAPLAN has been going on so also have the preparations for Open Day.  Children and teachers have been busy practising Singing, Music, Recitation, Dance and a host more.  Classrooms are being transformed as children’s work goes up on the walls. There is a sense of great enthusiasm and pride from teachers and children alike.  It’s very impressive.

The children always want to show their best efforts to the world, and particularly to the ones they love. It’s most important for the children that they display their work and receive the recognition and encouragement that they well deserve. 

We look forward to seeing you at Open Day.

Mary McKendrick