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Head of School’s Comment

Do you need to be old to be wise? Do you need to be a Grandparent to be wise? The answer is probably no to both, but it helps. Time does not automatically bring wisdom nor does the act of being a parent automatically impart wisdom. However, a life that is lived with a love of learning, reflection and service is certainly enhanced by the experiences that happen over time, and the roles and responsibilities of being a parent and grandparent.

It was wonderful to welcome many of our wise community to our Grandparents Day this week. The students were very proud to present and to host tours of their school and classrooms. Yet what really impressed was watching the students listen and learn, as many of our visitors shared their knowledge. Philosophy is a love of wisdom and wisdom is the knowledge that will enable life to be lived truly, fully and happily. This is best done with a grandparent by the side &the embodiment of wisdom!

Julian Wilcock