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Head of School’s Comment

Everybody likes a pat on the back for a job well done, or a thanks for lending a hand or perhaps recognition for doing some extra work. Quite often though, our efforts may go unrewarded or even unnoticed. Does this mean we shouldn t do this again? Nobody should be taken for granted, however the need for recognition should not hold us back from acting in the right way. In fact, studies have shown that service or generosity in itself has great benefits for the wellbeing of the giver, even if it goes without notice.

Secret service, or the act of service without looking for reward, is what we are currently working on at John Colet School and can be an interesting exercise to try at home. It is a difficult concept for children given there is no visible reward. If it helps it can be combined as a type of game where you are also looking to try to notice service and give appreciation to others. Can you give without receiving?

Julian Wilcock