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Head of School’s Comment

The concept of Service is often seen as a value that requires a specific tangible action. We give of our time or attention to help others, or perhaps assist with material goods. This can be difficult for young children to independently put into practice in their daily lives. One of the practices within Service that we are currently addressing is encouraging the use of a positive attitude. This can have an immediate effect on ourselves and those around us.
We all know how a person’s negative or pessimistic attitude can affect a group or community. There are of course times when bad events may occur or things don t go our way that can get us down. However, it is the attitude we have when these events occur that often leads to solutions or at least allows the journey towards a resolution to begin. We cannot change the past, nor manipulate the future. We can only truly act on our present and a positive attitude will always result in the possibility of a better outcome than if we dwell in seeing the fault in all options.

Julian Wilcock