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Head of School’s Comment

Rising to the Occasion

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and friends who attended the Working Bee last weekend, in preparation for Open Day, and the many members of our community who are working behind the scenes as I write.  The school looks absolutely splendid.  We are all here for the sake of the children and it’s the children that bring us together as a school community.

The feel of a community was so evident last Tuesday as a prospective mother of a Third class child was invited to join the Upper First Parents Morning Tea.  Kindness and generosity flowed very naturally from the present parents and this lady was welcomed to the school with a great deal of warmth and encouragement.  She was soon chatting to mothers who also had children in Third Class; it was as if she was part of the school already.  It just brings home the simple fact that our natural state is one of unity, and it shows itself in many ways.

The children, from Lower First to 6th, have excelled this week in both their work and conduct.  We have had 6th Class children generally helping around the school and using their initiative in preparation for their stalls, and Lower First, standing quietly and singing beautifully, and everyone else in between doing a wonderful job.

During the week one of the 6th class boys was on a bus with two younger children who became confused and didn t press the button for their stop, consequently, the bus sailed past their stop, much to their horror!  They then asked help of the older boy.  He pressed the bus for the next stop, got off the bus with the younger children, crossed the road with them and then got on another bus going in the opposite direction to take them home.  He saw them safely home and made it home to his place just in time for dinner.

I feel so proud of the children when I hear of such happenings.  This lad found himself in a situation where his help was needed and he rose to the occasion.  If placed in a similar situation many of our children would have done the same.  It’s a simple example of the values of the home and school having gone in, and when this happens they will  naturally come out when needed.

We look forward to seeing you on Open Day to enjoy and celebrate the magnificent work and talents of the children.

Mary McKendrick