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Head of School’s Comment

I have had a few parents in the past weeks talking with me about the correct amount of sleep for their children. My answer is often not that helpful as it is usually; they need about as much as they need. In short sleep is extremely important for both the education and health of children, however the amount will differ regarding their age and the specific needs of the child. Professional recommendations tend to indicate between 9 and 11 hours of unbroken sleep.

Approximately 30% of children will have some difficulty with sleep during their schooling. As we move closer to our holidays I thought it may be wise to offer a few tips that may help with their experience and your sanity over the break. Try and keep to a regular routine which may include sleep time, bathing, brushing teeth and the reading of a good book to quiet the mind. Be aware of changes to regular diet, amount of screen time or alterations within the general home environment. A good routine and the correct amount of sleep over the break will also help when that first alarm bell goes off in January for the start of school.

I m so good at sleep I can do it with my eyes closed


Julian Wilcock