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Head of School’s Comment

As you will be aware the weather in Sydney has continued to provide us with a very long and hot summer. Some of our sports were cancelled today and others shortened to reduce heat stress. Our P&F marquee came in very handy for some extra shade for our students during their lunch time play today.

Earlier in the week at our assembly we took time to discuss examples of how our students have shown respect for their teachers. There were some very practical examples from Upper First through to Year 6 as well as actions that have been noticed by our teachers. At John Colet School we do look for the practical application of our Values both at school and at home. If you do witness a change of behaviour or a special action at home, do share it with your class teacher, it is wonderful to share and celebrate.

We hope you find some cool activities over the weekend and we look forward to more temperate weather in the weeks ahead.

Julian Wilcock