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Head of School’s Comment

It was gratifying to hear this week of changes to the HSC involving a focus on deeper learning and a focus on core areas in language such as grammar and writing, an area also under review in the Primary system. Unfortunately, these changes tend to come and go depending on new research, government change or popular belief. There is certainly a need to keep up to date and be responsive to the shifting needs of children, however the fruits of such fluctuations are often not seen for many years. It is difficult for schools where such swings in pedagogy require new curriculum, resources and training for teachers on a regular basis.

We are fortunate at John Colet School that we have retained the very best practices and materials for over thirty years. Our continued focus on attention, phonics, grammar, and mathematical understanding has resulted in our teachers refining our curriculum and their skills over time. This consistency is directly related to the learning and progress of our students.

Shakespeare is also back in the HSC which is great to hear. If you missed the story in the news I have included a link here

Julian Wilcock