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Head of School’s Comment

Our work on Respect, particularly on how our actions can benefit all and are a good example to all, has been explored through the theme of sportsmanship this week. It is a particularly good time to study this area as we have many new students at play during our breaks, our school sport competitions have begun and we also had our swimming carnival this week. We discussed during assembly this week what it means to be a good sport and how positive encouragement, being humble and giving thanks adds to the experience of competition. 
We look for action as a practical application of the development of our Values. Our sport teachers are aware of this focus and they have been highlighting this within their program. Likewise our staff, throughout the school, are on the lookout for evidence to celebrate both inside the classroom and at break times. I hope that if you attended our swimming carnival this week that you saw this in action yourself. Great camaraderie and pride within the Houses, combined with support for other swimmers whether they came first or just did their best.

One man practicing sportsmanship is better than a hundred teaching it – Knute Rockne


Julian Wilcock