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Head of School’s Comment

The teaching of philosophy is a cornerstone of our program at John Colet School. The exploration of which is directly beneficial towards the traditional core subjects such as English, Science and Maths as well as our concept of our place in the world. The term Philosophy translates to a love of wisdom and as we tackle the bigger picture it allows us to place our other subjects within the standard curriculum into context.

As an example of this one of our 4th class teachers, Mrs Kearney, was recently interviewed with regards to a philosophy program she had developed. This program on human potential involves exploring what is possible, the limits we put on ourselves and how we make use of our talents for the benefit of all. Our potential is impossible to develop on our own and as such requires a collective aspiration towards improvement. This is relevant to our current focus on the Value of Respect and ensuring our actions are to the advantage of all.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings Salvador Dali

Julian Wilcock