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Head of School’s Comment

Congratulations and thanks to all on such a friendly and successful Open Day. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves; the children certainly had a lovely time. I saw many parents and others working tirelessly all day, from collecting rubbish to working in the kitchen, attending on various stalls and helping in a general way.  The Open Day Committee, along with many parents from the school community have worked consistently for weeks.  Everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated.

Sixth Class also deserves a mention.  They were very imaginative and innovative in planning their stalls, which were well thought out and so much fun.  They delivered their services with confidence and friendly hospitality, and most of them stayed at their posts all day; which was extremely impressive.

One parent mentioned to me that it was the first time she had been able to visit all the classrooms, and she was very taken with the quality of the work.  It struck me after the conversation how important it is that parents be given the opportunity to see all the children’s work.  There is a vast difference between Infants and Primary, and within those two divisions there is also a great difference from grade to grade. It’s useful and necessary for parents and others to see the standard of work as the children progress through the school.

On the whole, the children have a great love of learning and a desire to know and understand.  As teachers we need to nurture, foster, and encourage this spirit of enquiry and love of learning.

I often speak to the children about the school values, but the Open Day exemplified the values, and  certainly confirmed for me that you just need to get the values or principles in; get the good in first, so to speak, and those same values will come out when they are needed.  I have seen this over and over again with our past students.

The last three of our values-

                Display self-control, inner strength and right action,

                Serve and care for all,

                Work together with love honour and respect for one another –

were evident on Open Day, in the children, and in abundance.

Mary McKendrick