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Head of School’s Comment

We would like to offer our thanks to the school community for your patience, understanding and support during this period of building works at John Colet School. The construction of our two new classrooms is moving along steadily and we are beginning to see some real progress. Due to changes in access we have also incorporated some upgrades to pathways and repairing of our grass areas. It was wonderful to see some of our students discussing the process of construction and even some of the maths involved during their break time this week.

We have had a great deal of rain over the past few weeks which has unfortunately resulted in cancellation of our inter school sports events as well as the postponement of our Walkathon to 31st March. We have also experienced flooding within our uniform store. The good news is that we have not incurred any damage to our stock and we have identified an alternate venue while we seek a permanent solution. An email will be shared early next week once we are all set up, with directions and opening times for the store as well as information for parents if they wish to order by email for student collection.

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Julian Wilcock