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Head of School’s Comment

I am often in awe of how children can take quite complex ideas and concepts and explain them in practical ways or put them into simple actions. We had a few wonderful examples this week as we continue with the focus on our Value of Respect, particularly at present on how we widen our circle of happiness. The idea being that the pursuit of individual happiness is ultimately hollow and is only realised through bringing happiness to others and the wider world.
We introduced this idea at our assembly this week and we had one brave young boy in Year 3 who stood up and gave the following explanation; Happiness isn t something you can keep, you can t hold it, you have to give it away if you want it to last longer . I also had one of our Year 3 girls who visited my office during the week to tell me she had built a rubbish trap from seaweed whilst at the beach to help the environment so that both people and sea life can be happier. All of our students have the task of bringing happiness to others over the remainder of the term. They may not notice that they are doing it, so if you do see it in action do let them know.

Julian Wilcock