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Head of School’s Comment

John Colet School is well known for the attention and focus that our children give to their work in class. Our practice of pausing, mindfulness and studies of philosophy are some of the elements that give our children the skills to be able to fall still and concentrate on the task they have at hand in the classroom.

Children also need opportunities to play constructively in a non-guided environment. While our children are supervised at all times it is important for them to have the space to engage with their peers in imaginative and social play. This can often be seen during break times with students outside classes in small groups, on play equipment, on our field, or in the nature reserve.

The nature reserve has been a particular popular spot of late and it has been wonderful to see the creativity of the children in action. While we continue working on ensuring that students are treating the area with respect, on the whole it has been a very positive inclusion to ensuring a breadth of experiences for our students.

Julian Wilcock