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Head of School’s Comment

As a school we have been focussing on the value and practice of Truthfulness. More specifically we have been exploring being honest with our friends, teachers and parents. This may be owning up to poor behaviour or an unwise decision or perhaps just that we do not know something. The first step in this process is exploring with the children the concept of self-knowledge. Considering our true motivations, acting with honesty and reflecting on our actions to gain understanding of self is a lifelong process. To encourage and enable this to happen children have to be in an environment of care and trust.

It is more difficult than ever these days to ensure that children are in a safe and caring environment. While our school promotes limited use of IT and discourages social media use for the age of our students many still find opportunities to explore. The online environment is changing constantly and it is extremely difficult to keep up. If you have not signed up for the cyber safety talk on the 1st of June, I highly recommend doing so.

Spaces are limited and please be aware that this is an adult only presentation and children will not be permitted entrance.

Julian Wilcock