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Head of School’s Comment

Media and the news have changed considerably since I was a child. It used to be the newspapers and 4 channels on the television. There was just one TV in our house, which actually ended up being one channel (the ABC, my parent’s favourite) as you had to physically get up and change the station! As we continue to look at Truthfulness this Term and particularly gossip at the moment, it may be a good opportunity to discuss with your children where they get their facts from and how they know they are indeed facts. This can lead to some very enlightening discussions!
Everyone likes sharing stories and news with their friends, however it can become personal and also evolve through miss-communication to snowball out of proportion. At school we continue to encourage the children to pause and think; Is it true? Is it beneficial to all?
The problem with facts found on the internet is that they are often untrue Abraham Lincoln

Julian Wilcock