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Head of School’s Comment

On Forgiveness

The children excelled themselves yesterday in the Sanskrit Competition; I cannot praise them enough for their magnificent efforts. It was a wonderful display of the fruits of the hard work of both the children and our Sanskrit teachers, Mrs Childs and Mrs Dunstan, to whom we are very grateful.

The children need variety, and the opportunity to demonstrate their talents. This keeps them enthusiastic and nurtures in them a love of learning.  

To our continuing practice of Stillness and Resilience, we have added Forgiveness. I recently discussed this with the children during Assembly. Forgiveness seems to flow on naturally from Resilience. If we are not prepared to forgive someone, or some situation that has befallen us, it’s very difficult, if not impossible to be resilient.

The children understand very well that it’s easy to forgive those we like or love, but not so easy with those we don t like, it takes much more effort. It takes courage; and the children are full of courage.

There is an enormous freedom in Forgiveness. It’s a decision that we make in our heart, that we won t hold onto resentment, mull over past hurts, or dwell on a past event, and if we can manage this it’s very freeing.

The staff is also practicing Forgiveness, and it’s evident. I see examples of it all the time, one teacher willing to drop what they want for the sake of another, or for the good of the school as a whole, or for the sake of a particular child. It’s admirable, and it promotes friendship, and understanding, and harmony.

I hope you have a most enjoyable time over the holiday weekend.

Mary McKendrick