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Head of School’s Comment

As we continue to explore our Value of Courage this term we are now beginning to look specifically on how we respond to change and difficulties that we experience. Life is a process and nothing stays the same for too long, having the tools and strategies at an early age fosters a growth mindset where obstacles become opportunities in determining our own path.
Mistakes are lessons to be learned from and we should ensure an environment of trust. Being resilient is about being in the present and appreciating what we have control over, yet also being committed to our beliefs and goals. Also, resilience can often be seen more as a set of behaviours or habits that need to be practiced rather than some innate characteristic. Acting with resilience is about putting yourself on the surfboard rather than being washed away by the wave.
It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change – Charles Darwin

Julian Wilcock