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Head of School’s Comment

Next week we have our Primary students leaving for camp. Our 5th and 6th Class will be visiting the goldfields in Bathurst via a stop in the Blue Mountains. 3rd and 4th Class are travelling to Milson Island on the Hawkesbury River. Both these trips are wonderful opportunities for our students to spread their wings, learn some new skills and get to know their teachers, friends and perhaps even themselves a little better.
This is always a special trip for 3rd Class as it is often the first time they have been away from Mum or Dad for an extended period. It is as much a practical lesson in resilience as it is an exploration of the various activities they will undertake. It is natural to be nervous without the comfort of knowing your family is nearby, yet personally affirming when they can persevere, trust in themselves and show greater self-sufficiency.
We wish our students a productive and enriching trip and their parents some added relaxation time in the knowledge that they are in good hands.   

Julian Wilcock