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Head of School’s Comment

This week we had the official opening of our new building Plato House and the G.S Mane Wing. Mr William Fox, member of our Board of Governors spoke to the students at assembly on Plato and his legacy within philosophy and education. Our Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Philip Wolfers, celebrated the impact that our former Headmaster, Mr Gilbert Mane, had on JCS. There was a very entertaining and moving response from Mr Mane, who was touched to have our new wing named after him.

As one project comes to completion others are just getting started! Our P&F have raised over $22,000 so far towards our school solar panel project. Also, construction and refurbishment will begin over the holidays of Colet 2, in preparation for its use as our new school library. We have a number of landscaping projects also occurring during the break, including returfing of our playing field.

We wish all families an enjoyable and safe break and look forward to welcoming you back in Term 4. 

Julian Wilcock

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