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Head of School’s Comment

In Term 4 we look at bringing all our school values together as we focus on action through the value of Service. The word service comes from the Latin Servitum and the Sanskrit Seva, both involving work performed without any reward or payment. It can be taken negatively as in the role of a servant, however the positive aspect we will be looking at is when this action is by choice. We are encouraging students to help others without looking for a reward, payment, or even acknowledgement &not an easy task! Nobody should be taken for granted, however the need for recognition should not hold us back from acting in the right way.

Speaking of service to our community, our P&F continue to fundraise for solar panels for our school. I am pleased to announce that the amount raised has now risen above the $26,000 mark on our way towards the ultimate goal of $42,000! Every little bit counts.

Julian Wilcock