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Head of School’s Comment

The wise tell us that the relationship between teacher and student, and indeed parent and child, is harmoniously regulated through love and discipline.

As stated in our Discipline Policy:-

The child is like the refined clay of the potter &.The potter uses both hands, one inside and the other outside. The hand inside is the hand of love, which gives support for expansion, and the hand outside is the hand of discipline, which creates a firm control on the expansion to keep it in the required form.

Shantananda Saraswati 1980

The children need both love and discipline; the trick is to find the right measure for the situation. Over the years I have found that when the discipline is too harsh and there is not enough love, the children turn in and resent from the inside, and when there is too much love and the discipline too loose, the children become willful. The right measure is important.

Our aim is to educate children who will grow into good, civilized and cultured members of society. Adults who will stand on principle, and have the courage of their convictions.

When the teachers return to school on Monday, for a day of preparation before the children return, we will be studying aspects of this question of love and discipline.

Mary McKendrick