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Head of School’s Comment

Head of School's Comment - image zoom-head-2 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

We trust this newsletter finds our community well as we move into a predicted lovely weekend!
Our School is well prepared for an extended 4 week lockdown. However, we remain hopeful that before this time conditions may allow for an early return. This news may bring heightened anxiety for our students, and while we are committed to ensuring the children continue to progress in their learning, their social and emotional wellbeing comes first. Our teachers are looking at more ways the children can connect with each other, and as a whole school we are investigating some fun ‘optional’ community activities.
Courage is our Value in focus, and helping those in need is where we are giving our attention over the next few weeks. A simple are you OK is a quick and easy way of checking in with each other. Our teachers are monitoring this remotely as best as they can. Please do let them know if you have concerns and how we can help.
We are very pleased to be starting our remote assemblies from Monday. 10am for Infants, and 2:30 for Primary. This will be short at around 10 to 15 minutes so please ensure your child is on time. Teachers will be sending out the link by today. Wish us luck! Over 100 young children on a Zoom…what could possibly go wrong?

Julian Wilcock