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Head of School’s Comment

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This week as we continue to explore the Value of Courage, we have turned to the concept of sacrifice. When we put the happiness of all at centre stage it often means that we have to give up our own interests or wants. We had some very fine examples from our students at our assemblies this week. One of our younger students noted that she was recently going to ask her parents to do something, however noticing that they looked a bit tired, decided now may not be the right time! Other students mentioned sacrificing their time to help someone, sharing their favourite food and even giving up their need to be right in a conversation.

We will continue looking for examples next week. If you do notice your child sacrificing something for the happiness of someone, let them know. The more practical examples our students can share with each other does help to bring attention to the impact of their day to day actions.

Julian Wilcock
Head of School