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Head of School’s Comment

John Colet School - Belrose, Sydney

With the break in the rain, our builders have today finished securing the main roof for our new building and will be in a better position to continue in inclement weather. That being said there are predictions for a wetter than usual winter, and this combined with supply chain issues, has led us to again re-evaluate the date for our Open Day this year. While we do expect the building to be completed in late August, it will take additional time for the landscaping and particular the turf on the field to establish.

Our Open Day will move from the 28th August to Sunday, 16th October. Monday 29th August will be a regular school day and instead Monday 17th of October will become the Pupil Free Day this year. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused and also take this opportunity to thank our P&F for their flexibility and support.

Julian Wilcock