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Head of School’s Comment

John Colet School - Belrose, Sydney

It has been wonderful to see our students return this week. They have been full of stories of adventures from the holidays and excited to reunite with their friends.

We begin this term by focusing on our core Value of Stillness. In our assemblies, we began with a reading from Epictetus, (a Greek Stoic Philosopher). I have included a brief excerpt below, however, one of the key points is the importance of giving our full attention to whatever activity is in front of us. There was no shortage of hands from students wanting to share how they noticed the benefit of giving their full attention to an activity during the holidays.

“Today I choose to play. Well then, ought you not to play with attention?… Is any part of life excluded, on which attention has no bearing, any that you will make worse by attention, and better by inattention?” Discourses of Epictetus, Translated by PE Matheson, CH.12

Julian Wilcock